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Road Review: Door County Coastal Byway

Road Review: Door County Coastal Byway

The Door County Coastal Byway is a scenic route that loops around Door County in Wisconsin, following the shores of Lake Michigan.  As you drive through the peninsula, you’ll encounter numerous photo-worthy views of the beautiful rocky coast of Lake Michigan. Since the area is a popular vacation destination, there is also a distinct seaside culture that leaves much to be explored – wineries, lighthouses, state parks, and more! Despite the fact that Door County’s prominence brings high amounts of traffic and confining speed limits, the iconic curvy road at the north end of the loop makes it worth the drive. Even though you may not get the opportunity to exercise your hot shoe very much on this route, you will still find a sense of peace as you soak in the serenity around you.

Elevation Changes3
Technical Difficulty2
Speed Limits4

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