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Road Review: Downtown Vancouver To Cariboo Highway

Road Review: Downtown Vancouver to Cariboo Highway

This route should be a bucket list drive for every automotive enthusiast. The famous Sea to Sky Highway marks the first portion of the route, taking you from the beautiful mountainous coastline up to the ski resort town of Whistler, BC. From there, you’ll continue along BC highway 99 and carve your way through the remainder of the Coast Mountains. But it’s not just the world-class scenery that makes this route so spectacular – the driving is top notch as well. The road blends the long sweeping turns of the best coastal highways with the tight switchbacks of your favorite mountain pass. However, the bounty of fantastic bends comes at the detriment of the straights. Also, the speed limit is somewhat limiting and the road’s reputation can make it crowded with tourists. In total, those issues can easily be overlooked, and an overall rating of 6.50/10 secures this route as a driving road worthy of respect.

Elevation Changes8
Technical Difficulty7
Speed Limits4

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