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Road Review: Echo Trail

Road Review: Echo Trail

Echo Trail is a highly remote gravel road that snakes its way from Ely, MN to Crane Lake, tiptoeing along the Canadian border. It is difficult to drive in a more remote location than this in the contiguous United States. As the trail navigates through the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, you will undoubtedly find a sense of solitude. For driving enjoyment, you will find that there are more curves to the east and more straights to the west, but nothing that offers a particular challenge. However, before you go and treat this road as a rally stage, consider that there will be absolutely no cell phone service and almost no other traffic to save you if you bin it. Instead, you may prefer to soak in the scenery with a cliffside view of Ed Shave Lake or on the shores of Lake Jeanette. Take this road seeking adventure, but make sure you bring a vehicle to match.

Elevation Changes3
Technical Difficulty3
Speed Limits7

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