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Road Review: Ely To The North Shore

Road Review: Ely to the North Shore

Twisty highway 1 is just one of a small handful of roads that lead to the northern outpost of Ely, MN. Offering some of the best scenery in Minnesota, you will watch the landscape change from dense woods near Ely to a rocky terrain as you approach the north shore of Lake Superior. The beautiful curves and straights of the road contribute to a sense that this road was designed almost specifically for driving enjoyment.  Although there are some elevation changes as you get closer to Lake Superior, the road is primarily flat. However, in total this road offers enough technical difficulty to keep you on your toes. That said, the traffic is generally good but it may get dense with tourists and cabin-goers during the summer months.  Also, the speed limit is lower than desired but not abnormally low given that this is a two-lane highway in the backwoods. Either way, consider making a pit stop at Tettegouche State Park when you hit Lake Superior for some hiking and breathtaking cliffside views of the lake and the rocky Baptism River.

Elevation Changes4
Technical Difficulty5
Speed Limits4

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