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Road Review: Fort Smith To Hot Springs

Road Review: Fort Smith to Hot Springs

If you happen to find yourself in northwestern Arkansas, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a wealth of twisty driving roads.  That said, US highways 71 and 270 that carve their way between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Hot Springs, Arkansas are two of the best. This route offers a large amount of tight turns and elevation changes as it takes you right through the beautiful scenery of the Ouachita Mountains and Ouachita National Forest. The turns are offset by the occasional straight, but you’ll definitely want to bring a car with good handling to enjoy this route properly. Unfortunately, since this route is a major thoroughfare you’ll find a steady but not obnoxious flow of traffic during daytime hours, and relatively restrictive speed limits to boot. In total, look at this route as a scenic driving road built for giving your favorite car the exercise it deserves.

Elevation Changes6
Technical Difficulty4
Speed Limits3

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