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Road Review: Zumbrota To Wabasha

Road Review: Zumbrota to Wabasha

MN Highway 60 is one of the lesser-known Minnesota driving roads, and its relatively close proximity to the Twin Cities makes it one of the better kept secrets. This byway takes you through numerous elevation changes as you wind your way from Zumbrota, MN to the shores of the Mississippi river in Wabasha, MN.  Loosely following the Zumbro River, the road consists of numerous twisty descents into and ascents out of the river valley, accompanied by an abundance of flat straights and long sweepers.  With both banked and off-camber turns, it wouldn’t be difficult to get yourself in trouble if you drove this rode too hard so make sure you keep your wits about you. Fortunately the road’s blessings haven’t been quelled by absurd speed limits, so you should be safe to enjoy yourself. The scenery makes it perfect for a fall color drive, and an overlook as you approach Wabasha provides a fantastic view down onto Robinson Lake and the Mississippi River.

Elevation Changes6
Technical Difficulty5
Speed Limits6

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