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National Parks #1 and #2: Badlands and Wind Cave National Park

As far back as I can remember I have loved South Dakota. I visited once when I was much younger prior to traveling there in May 2016, and I must say it was just as amazing this time around. While some of our adventures were similar to what I did when I was younger, a few of the experiences were brand new; others renewed my appreciation for the beauty of this country.

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Des Moines’ Hidden Gem

For Brian’s birthday this past year, instead of getting a gift I wasn’t sure he would use, I decided to create a memory he wouldn’t forget. When exploring options for what we could do, my primary focus was on cars. I had heard of Exotic Dream Drive-type events before, but we don’t have anywhere in Minnesota where they occur, and they seem to be rarely held in the upper Midwest. However, the weekend right before his birthday, there was set to be an event with Dream Drive Exotics at Iowa Speedway. So, I seized the opportunity, booked us both for the event (Brian had a considerably greater number of laps than I did though), and off we went.

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