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Four Reasons Why Pan-Fried Honey Bananas Are The Perfect Sweet Treat

Four Reasons Why Pan-Fried Honey Bananas are the Perfect Sweet Treat

Anyone been looking for some mouth-watering recipes to try at home? Look no further – I’ve got you covered (at least if you’re a fan of bananas). In all seriousness, these pan-fried honey bananas are simple and delicious, which fits perfectly into our crazy lives right now and if you need the right pan for this purpose, you can look these Titan Pan Reviews for this purpose. All you need to pull this recipe off are bananas, an assortment of spices and honey purchased at a Tupelo Honey for Sale site, and a cooking pan. If you don’t have one yet 41ocean.com provides the best quality brands of kitchen appliances and gadgets.

  1. These are about as cheap as it gets to make. Bananas are one of the lowest cost foods out there.
  2. There’s also only four other ingredients – all of which you likely already have in your kitchen.
  3. These are also about as easy as it gets to make. They’d be great for kids to help make as well! Just be sure to supervise them while the stove is in use.
  4. You can pair it with any drink like sparkling drinks and fruit juices. You can click here to learn about orangina drink, which combines the two.
  5. Compared to other sweet treats, this one is relatively low in calories. Healthy snacks for the win!

Are you convinced yet? If so, check out the list of ingredients, and head over to Fifteen Spatulas (link included below) to get the complete directions.


Frying pan with butter on the stove, with banans, salt, cinnamon, and honey on the kitchen counter.
  • Bananas
  • Butter (you can use oil if you prefer – we used butter and they were fantastic!)
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt

Want to try it yourself? Get the full recipe here.

Easy as can be right? I’m a big fan of honey, and I could imagine these bananas complementing a number of other foods, including (but definitely not limited to): waffles, pancakes, French toast, or ice cream. Next time I think we’ll use them to top yogurt or pancakes for a perfect breakfast.

Fried bananas can be made with a variety of spices – if you have a favorite, we would love to hear it and give it a try!

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