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We rank roads on 8 different categories to give an overall road score:
  • Bends: When you think of a great driving road, you probably think of a diverse array of corners and bends.
  • Straights: Tight turns are great, but sometimes you just want to stretch your car’s legs.
  • Elevation Changes: Eau Rouge at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca – just like our favorite tracks, great driving roads have elevation changes that add to the experience of a spirited drive.
  • Technical Difficulty: Hoon at your own risk! Roads that score high in this category have various elements that could make the roads a challenge for an inexperienced driver.
  • Speed Limits: Even the best roads can be throttled by artificially low speed limits.
  • Traffic: No matter what the road looks like, you probably won’t have much fun if you’re always stuck behind a train of RVs and grocery getters.
  • Scenery: People choose to take the scenic route for a reason.  A driving road just isn’t as enjoyable if it carves a path between an oil refinery and a landfill.
  • Adventure: Sometimes half the enjoyment of a great road is the adventure it takes to get there.

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