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Homemade Dog Food: Super Simple Salmon Scramble

Homemade Dog Food: Super Simple Salmon Scramble

Another one of our favorite recipes is featured on the blog today: the salmon scramble. Just like the turkey and rice recipe we posted previously, the salmon scramble is a hit with our pups, and takes only ten minutes to make! The primary ingredients are salmon, spinach, and eggs, which add a little bit of variety to our dogs’ diets.

Salmon in particular is a healthy addition to a dog’s diet because it provides oils that are great for both the skin and coat. We found that adding the salmon helped improve the health of our dogs’ coats immensely! We even received several compliments about how much shinier and smoother our dogs’ coats looked after we had been feeding them this recipe for a few weeks.

Not only does this salmon recipe give our dogs essential oils that are great for their skin and coats, but it’s also so easy to make. All you need to do is throw some olive oil in a pan, add the salmon and spinach, and then add the eggs. This particular recipe came from Rachel Ray’s website – check it out here to see it in full: https://www.rachaelray.com/recipes/spinach-and-salmon-scramble/.

Needless to say, this recipe checks all the boxes for us:

  • Loved by the pups
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Super easy to make

Does your dog love salmon too? If so, you have to give this meal a try, and let us know how it goes!

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  1. Wow this looks delicious for humans too! My Bella would enjoy your salmon dish as she loves fish. I actually feed her fish very often because it is lean, nutritious and she likes it. I need to prepare this for her soon.

  2. I am sure many a dog would consider themselves totally spoiled to get this (OK maybe some humans might as well). We have gorgeous tasty salmon here in NZ I bet if the dogs knew it was here we’d be mobbed!!!!

  3. This is super simple and could a great compliment to regular balanced meals. Thanks for sharing… I bet my kids would even like this.

  4. Sounds good and most importantly…easy!! I feed my dog some raw but I also like to add either a homemade dish to it or his canned food. I think this would make a good addition to Jack’s diet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this recipe and am going to try it with Layla this weekend for a change and see how she likes it. She does love salmon which does make life easier.

  6. This looks so delicious, i cannot make this for Cookie because she wouldn’t get to have any! LOL Just kidding. She always gets the best of what I have.

  7. I can totally do this! I’ve been trying to add more variety to their diet because who likes to eat the same thing over and over?! Not me! Pinning this!

  8. This looks delicious! Do you feed this recipe as a regular meal for your dogs? If so, do you add supplements? The reason I ask is because I know cats must have certain vitamins and minerals and many people who feed raw or cooked for their cats must add supplements.

  9. This looks yummy. Good enough for humans too! I’m not a fan of salmon however going to pin this for later. I know other dog moms would love this for their fur kids.

  10. This looks terrific! My dogs love salmon! I give all of these ingredients raw, though your cooked version looks delicious! And bonus, if you cook it, we can eat it too! 🙂

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