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How To Make Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

How to Make Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Like all dog lovers according to Cozy Crates, we love to spoil our pups. While there are many ways in which we spoil them, one of my favorites is to make them homemade dog treats! I like making our own treats, because I know exactly what ingredients are in the treats, and it’s fun to try different flavors and see which they enjoy the most. We have a few favorites – one of which we’ll show you here today!

According to Dog Daycare – Bonita Springs these treats are great because they are able to be cut into small pieces, they include tasty flavors that our dogs love, they are simple to make, and they only require four ingredients and it work for any dog breed, such as the Samoyed dogs.

Samoyeds are a type of Russian sled dog that was originally bred to work in cold, snowy conditions. As a result, they have a thick double coat of hair that helps to keep them warm in the winter by doing some remodels like furnace installation. They also have a lot of fur around their face and ears, which helps to protect them from the wind and cold.

In addition, Samoyeds have a high metabolism, which means that they generate a lot of body heat. All of these features make Samoyeds well-suited for cold weather. However, it is important to note that they still require access to shelter in extreme conditions. Their thick fur coat does not protect them from sub-zero temperatures, and they can easily become dehydrated in the dry, cold air. As a result, Samoyeds should always have access to warm shelter and water when the temperature starts to drop.

When I make treats at home, I seek out recipes that I can cut or break into smaller pieces so they can be used as training treats. Training treats in particular are always in high demand at our house, because we do a lot of dog sports where small, quick, low calorie rewards are ideal. On the agility course there isn’t enough time to give your pup a full-size treat, so we like to either use training treats or break larger treats into smaller pieces before beginning the course. Did you know that dog board and training can be done very easily if you contact MLK9 Dog Training.

Thankfully our dogs are not picky and enjoy a variety of flavors when it comes to their treats. Meat, fish, or non-meat alternatives are all gobbled up readily. Of course peanut butter ranks pretty high on this list (make sure to always give peanut butter that does not contain xylitol to your pup)! Every time the peanut butter jar comes out of the pantry the pups eagerly wait for their turn to lick the spoon, so when we bake their favorite peanut butter into treats, our pups love it. In addition to the peanut butter, this recipe includes pumpkin, which is another one of their favorites.

The majority of the work involved with making these treats is rolling out the dough and cutting it into small squares once all of the ingredients have been combined. Make sure to roll the dough thinly to maximize baking and ensure the treats are not too thick and doughy.

The only ingredients needed for this recipe are:

  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Eggs

To view the complete recipe and instructions, head over to The Woks of Life site.

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  1. What a great idea! Most of the homemade dog treats I have seen are on the big side. But our pup is on the small side at 18 pounds so I worry about her eating too many treats. As you mentioned these look like the perfect size for training or just making sure they don’t over eat.

  2. You’re right when you say rolling the dough thin and cutting them small enough is the hard part. My homemade cooked treats always end up too big and the babies look at me like I’m crazy they aren’t eating that. Except meatballs. They don’t turn down meatballs even if they have to work for it a little.

    1. Our pups would never turn down meatballs either! Rolling the dough thin was definitely the most challenging part, but I love how many treats we get from the recipe to use for training!

  3. Getting to spoil pets is part of the fun of having them around! These treats sound like they are simple and tasty. It sounds like your dogs get the proper amount of spoiling. 🙂

  4. This looks like a fun recipe! We have been including pumpkin puree on Dav girl’s food as of late as it helps to manage her IBD naturally, but adding it into a treat like this is a fun way to make sure that she’s getting all the great benefits. After all, she LOVES the taste! Why not incorporate something she loves into a treat? lol

  5. Healthy and delicious is a real winner! Really like the size of these treats. Can’t wait to make these as a gift for my favorite pup!

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